Bikepacking with Jules, early easter edition.

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450km on two wheels

from Copenhagen to Bohuslän

The end of winter is approaching and Jules and I are talking about what to do for Easter break. More precisely, where to go cycling. It's been a tough, long winter so we have to go south. We only have a few days and traveling to a far away country by plane is not an option. I suggest we take a bus from Copenhagen to Oslo and bike back, but Jules is skeptical; there's still way too much snow, it's still too cold in Scandinavia and we might not be able to make it on time.

Turns out, how was was mostly right.

The bridge between Sweden and Denmark

 Can't say we slept much on the crowded bus.

Can't say we slept much on the crowded bus.

In Copenhagen, the only thing we do is to get coffee. A shame, but we've been here many times before and "the road is not going to be cycled on its own". To make it back to Oslo on time we have to bike at least 140km every single day.

We're following several bike-paths on our way north, here going north from Copenhagen along the Strandvejen, a street famous for its architecture.

Beautiful thatched roofs on many houses.

I had told Jules itwas going to be a warm easter but he wasn't mad.

The last bit of Denmark before crossing the Kattegatt sea by ferry. Strong winds from north-east.

After 120km on the saddle and hours spent pushing on the pedals agains the wind we are not very enthusiastic about sleeping outside. It's cold and it's getting late so we decide to go to the city center of the nearest town to get some food and some warmth and we start asking people to host us for the night.

It takes us about 4 tries before a nice couple from Lund offers us to stay in their basement. We get food, a nice warm shower and a good night's sleep.

Day 2, sun is shining!

Day two. About 100km on the saddle. We stop before sunrise and find a nice place to camp by the sea, just behind a farm to be protected from the cold wind. Breakfast with eggs and coffee. We're starting to realize (Jules told me he knew all along, the bastard) that we won't make it to Oslo. We don't want to rush it, we'll just bike as far north as we want, make detours and breaks when we want to and will take a train back to Oslo on the last day. 


The coast is beautiful and the sun is shining. We're maintaining an average speed of 20km/hour but my knees are starting to hurt. Tonight no camping, no improcouching, we've found a nice and cheap hotel in Mölndal where we'll spend the night and have some beers.


Gravel roads north of Göteborg.

On a small ferry towards Marstrandsön island. As soon as we stop we have to put on our down jackets to keep warm.

The second to last day was marked by two "disasters".

First, we realise four spokes are broken on Jules' back wheel; in order to continue not-by-foot we need to have the wheel either repaired or replaced.  It's Easter-sunday,  but luckily we find an open shop and get a new wheel. (and free burgers)

Last, at the end of the day, 6km before arriving at Marstrand my knee gets completely blocked. I can't pedal. The pain is almost unbearable and after a 30 minutes break we finish at 6km/hour.



Our home for the last night on top of the island.

On the last day, the wind is finally with us. We average close to 30km/hour until my knee says stop again. We make it to Göteborg from where we take a train back to Oslo. 

Looking forward to next bike trip, I'll make sure to:

  • remember Easter in Scandinavia is cold
  • bring some cream for my knees
  • be careful with my ageing body.

So long!

 Picture of me writing my diary on the train by Jules.

Picture of me writing my diary on the train by Jules.

Cellphone snapshots from Trænafestival


Trænafestivalen 2017

A roadtrip and an epic festival followed by a few days on our own.


Pit-stop at Snøhetta Viewpoint on our way over Dovre

Our camping spot the first night.


Let the festival begin!

Wardruna playing at Kirkehelleren, one of the festival's highlights.

IMG_4357 (1).JPG

After the festival

time to explore the island

India 2017 part 1

I've spent the last month in India, filming a documentary for a Norwegian client. Underneath are a few still pictures I've taken during my time off. In two days, I'll leave the video gear behind and will travel north to Rajasthan and Jaipur to work on a personal project of mine, taking still pictures on the theme of #Water.

Stay posted! (and follow me on Instagram: @sebastiandahldotcom and @kameratsebastian).

Swapna International 🏨

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Monday morning in the jungle. #India #Karnataka #morning #fog #cellphonesnapshot

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together and apart

together and apart

I've been talking about hitchhiking to Japan and staying there for a year ever since early 2013 when I made my first footsteps in Beirut. The experience hitchhiking from Oslo to Lebanon was absolutely amazing; my days were filled by an endless stream of beautiful encounters. This inspired me and I felt like I was inspiring other people through my photographs and blog-posts. I was doing something meaningful for the first time in my life. If that wasn't enough, Lebanon quickly became a place I could call home, a place were I made would make friends for life.
I had to make new plans to continue this. The most logical thing to do was to start making plans for a next trip. That's when I got the idea to continue from where I left off and hitchhike further east, all the way to Japan. After all, why not; it had been so simple last time.

So I've been talking about this. Talking, talking, talking and preparing.

Bikepacking with Jules, June 2015

I recently spent 5 days bicycle-touring with my best-friend Jules. We rode from Oslo, Norway to some islands south of Strømstad, Sweden. Our bikes were quite heavily packed but we managed to reach Strømstad (115km away from Oslo) on the first day. The weather was great, we rode small country roads through fields and forests against a never-ending wind. The tendinitis in my knees, which I thought I had managed to get rid of, appeared after 60 kilometers but and I could do nothing but hope for them to stop hurting.

We reached the swedish border on day 2 and from there we took it very easy; we filled the little space we had left with wine and beer and set up our camp on isolated beaches. This is on the first one; a beautiful little island accessible only by a hanging brigde.

On the next day we continued south to an island called Oddö. Getting there was both fun and demanding; the path to the less crowded north tip of the island was a mix of gravel, stones and roots, with many hills. We arrived covered in sweat, just before sunrise and decided to stay two nights. This part of Sweden, with its woods and beautiful rock beaches, is really beautiful. I am grateful my parents brought me there many times as a kid.

Towards the end of our trip, the weather and my knees got worse. We went back north through the beautiful region Hvaler, towards the norwegian city Fredrikstad. We spent a night in the rain and the next morning we decided to take the train back because of the weather; the wind was still blowing against us and the idea of getting even wetter wasn't very appealing. Also, my knees really hurt and I was afraid I couldn't walk on Saturday, and that's something I can't afford because I'm photographing a wedding.

All in all it was a beautiful trip and a nice way to spend some time with Jules before my next big trip this summer; I'll be gone for more than a year, hitchhiking from Turkey to Japan and exploring Japan.


Kindergarten Collective reunion 2015

I recently spent 12 days in Lebanon with an amazing bunch of people I know from when I lived there in 2013. Many of them were my flatmates in the Kindergaten Collective. People flew in from all over the world; the states, Moldova, all over Europe and Saudi Arabia. We spent our days hiking, eating amazing Lebanese and Armenian food, swimming in the Mediterranean and organized some wild parties as well.

a trip to the cabin

There is something magic about arriving to an new place at night, specially when one can see the milky way and the stars like this.

Last weekend, Ida and I took some days off from the city and went to her mom’s cabin. It’s up in the mountains so the autumn has really begun there. It’s beautiful! We ate, walked, slept, read, and rested. Ate some more, walked some more then went home.

   Do you want to decorate your walls with cycling themed pictures? BUY SOME PRINTS  HERE !    By doing so, you will help the people at Deghri messengers in Beirut attend the European Cycle Messenger Championship in Stockholm this summer.    I don’t make any money doing this, all the money goes to printing and to them.   
  The above picture was taken on another bicycle trip in the Netherlands in 2011.

Do you want to decorate your walls with cycling themed pictures? BUY SOME PRINTS HERE!

By doing so, you will help the people at Deghri messengers in Beirut attend the European Cycle Messenger Championship in Stockholm this summer.
  I don’t make any money doing this, all the money goes to printing and to them.

The above picture was taken on another bicycle trip in the Netherlands in 2011.