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together and apart

I've been talking about hitchhiking to Japan and staying there for a year ever since early 2013 when I made my first footsteps in Beirut. The experience hitchhiking from Oslo to Lebanon was absolutely amazing; my days were filled by an endless stream of beautiful encounters. This inspired me and I felt like I was inspiring other people through my photographs and blog-posts. I was doing something meaningful for the first time in my life. If that wasn't enough, Lebanon quickly became a place I could call home, a place were I made would make friends for life.
I had to make new plans to continue this. The most logical thing to do was to start making plans for a next trip. That's when I got the idea to continue from where I left off and hitchhike further east, all the way to Japan. After all, why not; it had been so simple last time.

So I've been talking about this. Talking, talking, talking and preparing.

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