Get Away winter at Hegli

Some pictures from the last event I photographed for #FoodStudio where we built a Lavvo, drank Chaga and pre-celebrated the Sami National Day.

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Grønlands flytende bybondelag

 © Sébastian Dahl, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, please ask before using

Trond lager flytende hage

Autumn Get Away at Hegli Gård

 © Sébastian Dahl, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, please ask before using

Still photographs for Food Studio at Hegli Gård

"Britt and her team went foraging in the autumn sun, before pickling the green tomatoes from the green house. All of the guests contributed to the dinner in the evening, by making an autumn stew with slow cooked goat meat and goat meatballs, oven baked vegetables, baked bread in the wood oven, with a sour dough that our baker Emmanuel started three weeks before the Get Away. We started our dinner with freshly made butter, the oven baked bread that was still hot and a tasting of the new Bøgedal brews. As a dessert, we had tilslørte bondepiker, a traditional Scandinavian dessert with milk from the farm and apples from the garden."

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Flatbread society

I did a two-day gig for Flatbread Society / Bjørvika a few days a go. A beautiful event where people were brought together to make, and eat flatbread. There was also a book launch, a movie screening, some music and other things happening, and here are a few pictures (just a few, I sent the client over 200 pictures).