Bikepacking with Jules, June 2015

I recently spent 5 days bicycle-touring with my best-friend Jules. We rode from Oslo, Norway to some islands south of Strømstad, Sweden. Our bikes were quite heavily packed but we managed to reach Strømstad (115km away from Oslo) on the first day. The weather was great, we rode small country roads through fields and forests against a never-ending wind. The tendinitis in my knees, which I thought I had managed to get rid of, appeared after 60 kilometers but and I could do nothing but hope for them to stop hurting.

We reached the swedish border on day 2 and from there we took it very easy; we filled the little space we had left with wine and beer and set up our camp on isolated beaches. This is on the first one; a beautiful little island accessible only by a hanging brigde.

On the next day we continued south to an island called Oddö. Getting there was both fun and demanding; the path to the less crowded north tip of the island was a mix of gravel, stones and roots, with many hills. We arrived covered in sweat, just before sunrise and decided to stay two nights. This part of Sweden, with its woods and beautiful rock beaches, is really beautiful. I am grateful my parents brought me there many times as a kid.

Towards the end of our trip, the weather and my knees got worse. We went back north through the beautiful region Hvaler, towards the norwegian city Fredrikstad. We spent a night in the rain and the next morning we decided to take the train back because of the weather; the wind was still blowing against us and the idea of getting even wetter wasn't very appealing. Also, my knees really hurt and I was afraid I couldn't walk on Saturday, and that's something I can't afford because I'm photographing a wedding.

All in all it was a beautiful trip and a nice way to spend some time with Jules before my next big trip this summer; I'll be gone for more than a year, hitchhiking from Turkey to Japan and exploring Japan.


Cyan gallery exhibition: Day 1

Here's a little interactive panorama thing shot with my phone. It shows the gallery just before the opening last night.

The preview was great; many people came, I got some good feedback and I really enjoyed watching people look at the pictures and reply to their questions. I'm feeling very lucky to be allowed to show my pictures here at Cyan; they are an important part of the photo scene in Norway.

The exhibition is open until the 31st of May and on Sunday 24th there will be a little Oud concert with a Lebanese musician and I will talk a bit about the projects.

I'm having my first solo-exhibition!

From the 19th until the 31st of May I'll be having my first solo-exhibition. I'll be showing pictures from the four projects I did while hitchihking from Oslo to Beirut back in 2012 and two documentaries I did in Lebanon: Downtown and Beirut Hippodrome.

Rumor has it there will be an after-party at Gaasa, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Here's a link to the event on facebook, I hope to see you there! The gallery is very small so get ready to squeeze in!

12 days to go and already 389 people attending. That's wild!

Posted by on Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kindergarten Collective reunion 2015

I recently spent 12 days in Lebanon with an amazing bunch of people I know from when I lived there in 2013. Many of them were my flatmates in the Kindergaten Collective. People flew in from all over the world; the states, Moldova, all over Europe and Saudi Arabia. We spent our days hiking, eating amazing Lebanese and Armenian food, swimming in the Mediterranean and organized some wild parties as well.