Elise & Anders' wedding

I love doing wedding photography. I see it as reportage photography, but with a visually more polished look andpeople are always happy to be photographed and the locations are always beautiful.

Here's a small selection (19 out of 218) of my favorite pictures from a wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago.

new job, first day.

I have decided to focus my time and energy on something new: starting yesterday I'll be working in a refugee center for asylum seekers. I'm going to be in charge of making photography and film-making workshops and I'll do some teaching and social work. This is a beautiful project, and I'm very happy to be a part of it.

In my spare time, I'll work on personal projects, documentaries and work freelance on interesting and meaningful projects. (And I'm finally going to have time to finish those two books I've been wanting to publish.)

Here are some pictures from the first 24 hours I just spent in this beautiful place called Nøsen.

a collaboration out of the ordinary

My good friend Milena is a jewellery maker. Some months ago she asked me if she could use some of the pictures from the Unspecular Highlights series for an art project. Because she's my friend and because I believe her to be a very talented person I sent her the pictures. A little while later she emailed me these pictures along with this text. Thanks for the collaboration Milena, always a pleasure!

Inspired by Cathelijne Engelkes’s Plated Postcards Cities this collaborative work combines photographs of Beirut form Sebastian Dahl and jewellery by Milvico. Each pictures has been printed on aluminium and feature silver details. Abstract shapes wearable as pins or earrings that find their place back into the cityscape.

Norwegian Peace Council // picture from my archive

Vinteren nærmer seg Europa. Vanligvis innebærer dette en nedgang i antall båtflyktninger, men i lys av dagens ekstreme...

Posted by Norges Fredsråd/Norwegian Peace Council on Tuesday, 6 October 2015