Masirah Island


The tide turned as the goat careened off of the front end of our borrowed car and the Bedouins descended over the dunes by camel, pick-up and car. We were no longer taking a trip; it was taking us. We were destined for Masirah Island, a long-forgotten peanut-shaped desertscape floating in the Arabian Sea some 15kms off of the similarly desolate and forgotten central Omani coast.
Our goal there was to capture a piece of the place, to show and record what was, what is and what will be, because they too are being swept up in a tide - a modernization so meteoric that its mashed the past and present into moments where young islanders gather under the stars to watch and listen, on their smart-phones, to sorrowful music videos set to sepia slideshows of the place's recent past.
Masirah is a place in transition and it is a place of raw, breathtaking natural beauty.