getting ready

Some of the things I'll be bringing with me. Not pictured: sleeping bag, bags, a few lenses and a kindle I still have to buy, clothes (there aren't many but I'm prepared for four seasons), toiletries, etc..

In about two weeks from now, I'll be on the road again. The plan is to start hitchhiking from somewhere in the middle of Turkey because it's close to Lebanon, where I ended up last time. I wish I could start in Beirut, but due to the civil war in Syria and the Israeli border being close I have to start further north.
I'm heading east towards Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijdan (maybe), Iran (definitely) and then towards Kirghistan, India and China.

I'm spending these pre-departure days reading books about walking and about expeditions. I have started writing down thoughts and feelings in a diary and I'm spending time with friends and family in Europe to say goodbye. I'm a bit of an emotional mess; leaving Norway, my girlfriend, friends, family and situation is not as easy as it was back in September 2012. I might be getting older (and I wasn't in a relationship back then).

I haven't weighted my bag yet, but I'll be carrying much less than last time. Thanks to Hennessy Hammocs and IceBreaker who sponsored me, and because I've switched from Canon to Fujifilm I'm saving a lot of weight.

Stay posted!
Sébastian Dahl

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