Grønlands flytende bybondelag

 © Sébastian Dahl, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, please ask before using

Trond lager flytende hage

Autumn Get Away at Hegli Gård

 © Sébastian Dahl, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, please ask before using

Still photographs for Food Studio at Hegli Gård

"Britt and her team went foraging in the autumn sun, before pickling the green tomatoes from the green house. All of the guests contributed to the dinner in the evening, by making an autumn stew with slow cooked goat meat and goat meatballs, oven baked vegetables, baked bread in the wood oven, with a sour dough that our baker Emmanuel started three weeks before the Get Away. We started our dinner with freshly made butter, the oven baked bread that was still hot and a tasting of the new Bøgedal brews. As a dessert, we had tilslørte bondepiker, a traditional Scandinavian dessert with milk from the farm and apples from the garden."

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the story of my afghan friend

the story of my afghan friend

Let me tell you the story of my afghan friend.

My afghan friend left Afghanistan in the beginning of the summer. Someone he knows helped him out of the country by contacting an "agent". Together with other afghans they walked over borders through forests and mountains, sometimes for up to 36 hours.

Cyan gallery exhibition: Day 1

Here's a little interactive panorama thing shot with my phone. It shows the gallery just before the opening last night.

The preview was great; many people came, I got some good feedback and I really enjoyed watching people look at the pictures and reply to their questions. I'm feeling very lucky to be allowed to show my pictures here at Cyan; they are an important part of the photo scene in Norway.

The exhibition is open until the 31st of May and on Sunday 24th there will be a little Oud concert with a Lebanese musician and I will talk a bit about the projects.

I'm having my first solo-exhibition!

From the 19th until the 31st of May I'll be having my first solo-exhibition. I'll be showing pictures from the four projects I did while hitchihking from Oslo to Beirut back in 2012 and two documentaries I did in Lebanon: Downtown and Beirut Hippodrome.

Rumor has it there will be an after-party at Gaasa, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Here's a link to the event on facebook, I hope to see you there! The gallery is very small so get ready to squeeze in!

12 days to go and already 389 people attending. That's wild!

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Jules and I went camping again last night. 4th trip this fall.

Our sleeping bags are rated -4°C and -9°C so we have no excuses not to continue this nice little habit we’ve taken. But I have to say last night was cold, probably because of the high humidity. So more wool and isolating material next time.

When we woke up this morning my bag was missing. We had left it in the entrance of the tent but some sort of animal (what can it be!?) had taken it. We found a lead after a few minutes that lead us to the backpack, only 20 meteres away. The breakfast, a single rosinbolle leftover from last night’s feast, was the only thing missing. Lucky for us, animals don’t drink coffee.


We have no idea where we are. Lost in the woods.

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Jules and I have taken for a habit to go on “s24o” trips lately.
What is that, you might wonder. Well “a S24O (pronounced “Es-Two-Four-Oh”) was coined by Grant Peterson of Rivendell. It is a sub-24 hour overnight bike camping trip.”. (from here)

…and it’s genius! Because we are away from home less than 24 hours we really don’t need to plan much and therefore we’re much more likely to go for a trip. This trip was the second one we’ve done this year and once again, when we rode home, we felt we’d been away for much longer.

It really isn’t about riding fast or riding far, it’s just about going for a small trip outside of town and that, more often :)

On Jonas’ boat yesterday, helping to scrape the hull before repainting it.

If everything goes according to the plan, we will be sailing from Norway to the Canary Islands before crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the fall&winter 2015.
Should be a pretty good adventure!

I will then hitchhike on my own, through Central and Northern America to reach Alaska, then Japan where I will live for one year.