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an update of my hitchhiking trip

So here’s a little update from my trip.

I hitchhiked from Oslo to Copenhagen on monday night. When I arrived I started asking random people in the street if they could host me for a night. After about 10 fails an old woman said she could host me! First thing she said was I’ve got post traumatic strees disorder so you’re going to be a bit afraid. “Allright, no problem.”
Her house was a mess, with papers that she “collected” and pictures of kittens literally everywhere on the floor and the walls. Lilliane was very nice and we had very  interesting conversations. The next three days I walked around in Copenhagen. The city is really cool, and there are bikes everywhere. Next night I couchsurfed at a girl names Sara’s place and the night after that I stayed at my friend Askes’.

Yesterday i hitchhiked away from CPH and arrived in Hamburg, Germany late in the evening. The last guy who give me a lift offered me to stay at his house and next morning gave me a free ticket to do a bus-sightseeing in Hamburg because he owned the buss company. Then I walked around and in the afternoon started to ask random people again for a place to stay. A girl named Judith helped me a bit, two Russian people offered me a plan B and a man named Tom or Taran Singh (spiritual name) sent me to a Sikh temple. I spent the rest of the afternoon there and slept there. It was extremely interesting and the people there where so so so so nice to me. I got food for free both the evening and the morning and learnt a lot about the Sikh religion.

I could write a lot more about all the stuff i experience during this trip, the nice guy who just bought coke and was high on it when he give me a lift, the other people i meet, describe how I survive, where I’m going next and stuff like that but now the sun is shining outside so I have to run and take some street photography pictures.