Welcome (back) to the jungle

.. so here I am back in the country where I grew up. I lived here from the age of 8 to 19. As soon as I finished high-school i bought myself a car and waved goodbye. I’ve came back here to visit my parents, family and friends once or twice a year since I left. All my best friends still live here. Norway is now my home, and every time I come back to France I feel more and more like a stranger.

My view on France right now is that it is shabby, badly organized and I don’t feel good here. Since I arrived I’ve experienced robbery, stress and unease (and it’s way to warm). Normally I’m not the one complaining, but -jeez- what a mess France feels like.

In a couple of hours two of my best friends Milena and Mélanie will come to visit me here I hope (and I’m sure) they will make my stay brighter.