Passenger, part I
april 1st, 2010 

When people ask me about the craziest thing that has happened to me while hitchhiking, I usually tell them a story about a very kind man I met on the motorway in Denmark in april 2010.

He was very excited to pick me up, I felt our encounter made his day. He drank beer while driving and told me some strong stories about his family and his friends. He was very open about his drug use, and didn’t mind me taking pictures, even pictures showing his face. That day I saw cocaine for the first time in my life.

To me, this story isn’t very crazy. But it illustrates the reason why I hitchhike and travel so much. This kind of encounter has important role in who I am today and it’s the reason why I have decided to leave my normal life to go traveling around the world a couple of times from next summer on.