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Passenger, part II
march 29th, 2010 

A few days before the pictures in the previous blogpost were taken, I spent some time in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
I arrived in the city center quite late, and began asking people in the street. “Hey my name is Sébastian, I am traveling. Do you have a sofa or a floor I could sleep on for one night? :D

This is Viviane. When I met her she was on her way to the tube station with some friends. I asked the group of people if they could host me. First they were kinda chocked (ofc), but then Viviane broke the ice and asked me a few questions about myself and my trip.
She accepted to host me. On our way to her place she made two things clear: She has Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and we are not going to have sex. “Well, that’s.. ehm.. Perfect!”

My stay at Viviane’s place was a blast. We talked for hours, she offered me to take me to the museum of modern art and even to stay a few more days.